Top tips for keeping warm on the bike

Collective thoughts and top tips on keeping warm when winter biking.

So its been pretty Baltic here over the past two weeks and if you’re anything like me you struggle to keep warm when out on the bike – in particular its my feet and hands that really suffer.  I thought I’d conduct a survey amongst the Swift Trails Facebook biker-ladies to see what they do to keep warm and got some great feedback – which I thought I would share.


I did the foil at the weekend worked a treat. Just make sure it’s over the socks and good quality – Jen


I get really cold feet and this year I bought a new pair of 510s a size too big and am wearing 2 pairs of socks under them – one thin merino pair and one pair of thick waterproof sealskins. My feet haven’t got cold yet!    – Clare


I’ve found Sealskinz waterproof socks with a thin pair of socks underneath work for me  – Marianne


I use foil over merino socks with freezer bags over the foil to collect it when it breaks off! I was out on Sunday when it was -6/7 and my feet were fine!  Liane


I use plastic bags with one sock on first then plastics bag and then my waterproof sock! Works every time!! Feet are never cold and wet just sweaty!, ha ha  Nicola


I have very, very thin bamboo socks which I wear under my seal skins, and I’ve used a cut up foil blanket in the same manner as Lucy’s tinfoil trick. Foil blanket doesn’t disintegrate and is reusable but your feet need to be warm first for this to work. Likewise thin running gloves inside my waterproof gloves, and an additional buff as headcover under my helmet if it’s REALLY cold. I tend to not use my camelback when the temperatures are well below freezing and opt of a water bottle containing hot water but keep it inside my rucksack. This stays surprisingly warm for hours. Couple of those wee sachet handwarmers inside a shorts pocket also provide a nice warm glow. Other than that, just consider the pace you are riding at. You don’t want to push too hard and get sweaty with damp clothes as you can get cold really fast when you stop. Better to take it easy and keep moving. – Vicki


I tape my toes with zinc oxide strapping tape and wear a couple of layers of wool socks. Decathlon’s are good and are rated form warmness.  Jacqui


Still love my woolie boolies. Very cosy. Get a new pair each xmas to make sure they don’t go too thin. Make sure your boots are not too tight! Nothing worse for cold weather  Dani 

In addition here are some of my own top tips:

  • Warm everything up first before you put it on – if it goes on cold it stays cold.
  • Invest in a pair of silk liner gloves or a pair of nitrile gloves to put inside your winter gloves.
  • Fill your bladder with hot water – it keeps your back nice and warm and heats you up from the inside. If your camelback tube is freezing up store it inside your pack.
  • Wear a buff on your head under your helmet.
  • Use a layering system so you don’t overheat.
  • Take it easy ! A slower pace will stop you over-heating.
  • If your shoes are roomy enough pop a pocket warmer in under your sole.
  • I found wrapping my feet in foil helpful although it did disintegrate into confetti size pieces – cling film worked fairly well too and was less messy.