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"Going Natural" workshop

 The "Going natural" workshop  focuses on riding steeper, more technical natural trails around the Janets Brae area. We will help you develop confidence and technique that will have you embracing steep descents, roots and the muddy stuff in no time. Sessioning short sections of trail we will work on body position, weight distribution, speed control and line choice and also consider how to overcome typical fears associated with riding these types of trails. 


Is this course for me? You are comfortable riding red routes and tackling all the features on these trails including rocks, roots, mud, steeper descents and drop-offs. You feel you are ready and have the confidence to go off-piste! 


To book a place, contact lucy@swift-trails.co.uk


Going Natural workshop

Glentress Forest

Time: 10-1pm




"A big thanks to Lucy and Lucy for the great advice and encouragement and to Leanne and Dawn for sharing the scary moments. Now to put it onto practice!"


"We had a great time, it was good to push ourselves. Hopefully we'll keep the skills up in Wales, we know what to work on now. You and Lucy know how to strike a good balance of encouragement without pressure"


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