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Swift Trails Logo - Mountain Biking for Women

What to bring....

The beauty of joining a Swift Trails ride-out is that we do the logistics for you. We plan, ride and risk-assess the route for you so all you have to do is turn up with a well-maintained bike, suitable for the ride and with equipment appropriate for the conditions.

We carry first-aid equipment and tools/spares for those occasional mechanical problems and all the bits and pieces you would expect a fully qualified and experienced leader to carry. To lighten the load for the leader we may ask you to carry some small items which will make our ride safer and more enjoyable should we need them.


Here's what you need to bring:

  • Bike! Pretty important. We will be riding off road so we recommend a hardtail or a full-sus bike if you're lucky enough to own one. That bike that's been sitting in the shed for the past 6 months probably won't bite the biscuit! Please make sure your bike is in good condition and has been properly maintained. If in doubt take it along to your friendly bike dealer for a service. Failing that - rent a bike. Hardtails & full-sus bikes can be hired form Alpine Bikes at Glentress Forest and innerleithen from £22/day. Tel: 01721 724522 (tell them you're renting a bike for a Swift Trails ride-out)
  • Clothing - appropriate for the time of year and the weather conditions on the day. Scotland can be pretty cold and wet at all times of year so make sure you're carrying waterproofs if its forecast to rain and also pack an additional layer in case we need to stop for any extended period of time. The body cools down pretty quickly after exercise and its amazing how quickly we can start to feel the cold.
  • Water & snacks - biking, particularly in the terrain we ride - burns loads of calories and we need energy from food to fuel our "body-engine" Muesli bars, bananas, dried fruit n nuts are all good for snacking as are all the naughty treats like jelly babies and chocolate. Even in cool conditions, we are likely to sweat too so bring water to keep hydrated.
  • Helmet & gloves - mandatory and need no explanation - no lid, no ride! Gloves, perhaps optional in summer, but if you've ever spent time picking grit out of your palm after a fall, even in the playground when you were a kid, you will know how useful gloves are!
  • Spare inner tube and chain link (if you're not sure what speed chain link you need, count the sprockets on the cassette on your rear wheel - 9 sprockets=9 speed)
  • ID, medication: we will have requested all the necessary info from you prior to the ride but if you are carrying medication, make sure your leader knows where you're carrying it and if your contact details for the day have changed make sure you pass that info on too.


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